40.6 carats MOLDAVITE mirco chip from Meteorite impact* powerful Energy

The white circle case is just over an inch wide. Please use that for scale on the size of it.

I'll buy it back of you don't love it...

Bohemian moldavites are found in the Czech Republic..

These Moldavites are found in an area of Europe called the Central European Strewn Field. Moldavites are mostly found in Bohemia and Moravia in the Czech Republic. Some moldavites have been found in Germany and Austria. Moldavite types found include Muong Nong type, splash form, and irregular.
Moldavites contain more silica than any other type of tektite which produces their green color. Bohemian moldavite types have a greater SiO2 content than the Moravian moldavite types. Bohemian moldavites are mostly variations of green from pale to a rich bottle green color.

A most amazing and stunning moldavite with superior glowing color ! Incredible & stunning vivid grass green!

Moldavites are stunning rich green impact glasses created by the heat and pressure of an ancient meteorite impact. They are found in a very few areas which gives these captivating impactites their name. Some experts believe that moldavites are associated with an impact crater event. If that is correct it would make them approximately 15 million years old. While most impact specialists believe moldavites were created from melted terrestrial
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