Pricing & History

's a collection of 40 Different Minerals of all types, colors and regions. Superb starter collection, great gift or for use in the classroom. All specimens will be labelled. Average size 1" x 1/2" each. You get all 40 minerals, just as you see in the photo, no substitutions. You also get, for free, one U.S. Indian Head Cent out of those shown in the photo. Postage $7.50, U.S. only. Yep, I do combine postage for multiple winning bids within 14 days. Insurance optional for $2. Return within 7 days if not satisfied. Thanks for looking. Includes all of the following, from top left: ROW ONE Flame Agate great looking earth tones, from Mexico Moonstone pearly grey chatoyance, glossy India Amazonite beautiful turquoise color VA Aragonite brown & white radiating hexagonal crystal mass Morocco Fluorite real nice glossy lavender Mexico ROW TWO White Calcite ivory white semi-glossy York,PA Salmon Calcite sparkling specimen Brazil Optical Calcite water clear rectangle Mexico Sphalerite reflective root beer color, cool mineral from Tenn Green Calcite pale green glossy Mexico ROW THREE Lepidolite gorgeous sparkly lavender crystals on white Green Aventurine another super sparkler, great color India Petrified Wood nice brownish specimen from Arizona Amethyst Crystal fully terminated dark purple Brazil Red Calcite red & clear/white, very unusual read more