40+ holo lot plus 2 decks dark armed dragon, cyber dragons, blackwings and more

For your consideration:
A lot of 40+ holos and 2 decks.
I have had this collection for many years and have enjoyed it greatly. so I have decided to share that enjoyment with you.
the holos and decks are listed below
Cyber dragon x3 1 ultra 2 super rare all of them are 1st edition
cyber end dragon x2 (parallel rare) limited edition
evolution burst (secret rare) limited edition
colossal fighter assault mode (secret rare) 1st edition
red dragon archfiend (secret rare) limited edition
wrath of neos (secret rare) limited edition
crystal beast sapphire pegasus (secret rare) you will also receive the other 6 six crystal beasts
dark magician girl (secret rare) MFC version 1st edition
dark magician x2 (ultra rare) both are the sdy version
dark magician (secret rare) limited edition
honest (ultra rare) Twilight edition limited edition
unicorn beacon x2 (super rare) 1st edition
beast king barbaros (super rare limited edition
beast king barbaros (ultra rare) limited edition
golem dragon x2 (ultra rare) limited edition
tuningware (ultra rare) 1st edition
mirror force (ultra rare) MRD version
dark armed dragon (ultimate rare)
thor lord of the aesir (ultra rare)
glepnir the fetters of fenrir x3 (ultra rare)
dodger dragon (super rare) 1st edition
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