40~7" Vintage Chenille Bedspread Squares"Lacyville!

"40~7" Vintage Chenille Bedspread Squares"Lacyville!

Hello All! Well, as many of you know, I took a long break from offering chenille squares. I just got burned out in the cutting process and decided to move on to other things. My chenille has been kept in protective sealed bags & they are still as nice as when I was selling large groups of them. I've been shoving sealed bags of collective linens & lace under my bed as I've run out of closet space & my mother (whom I've moved in with, to take care of) has pushed me into turning my bedroom back into a bedroom instead of a fabric warehouse-ha! Mother's are so wonderful! They always bring you back to reality. Anyway, here is the list in this auction:

2-Morgan Jones lavender rosebud on off-white*-1 square had a 1/4" tear on seam but I've mended it. It is fine now.

4-Morgan Jones pale mint green squiggle

5-Morgan Jones yellow popcorn(3-yellow w/white pops, 1 yellow w/over a 1" seam of gold threads & 1 yellow pops on yellow

5-Morgan Jones white backgrounds w/curly q's, lines and 2 white pops in diamond grids

2-Morgan Jones white background w/purple & white scrolls & 1 with 1/2 of a purple/lavender daisy

4-Morgan Jones mint green background w/baby mint popcorn & silver threads

4-Morgan Jones lavender
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