.400 Grams Clean Golden Placer Gold fine Nuggets Bullion --**

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.400 grams of authentic Gold Placers Nuggets from the Alaskan Yukon
These gold placers are small nuggets. Great colour to them. Cleaned up nice and bright.
Build a stash in smaller more affordable sizes. Who cares what happens to currency if you have gold. Stock market artificially inflated. Huge investment bubbles. The five largest US banks struggling.
This gold is currently going for over $1400. per ounce Gold spot is hanging around the $1330. mark Great opportunity to build your stash in smaller affordable amounts
Back up your investments with gold. Tested to at least 22K. No Sand. No Quartz. Just Gold.
Great Investment. Really gorgeous clean gold shine to these placers. Don't let them get past you.
Do check out my store and see what else is on offer.
Stock pictures are magnified to show details of the natural gold placers-- Caliper is standard mm measurement----Please read the instructions on your scales regarding calibration before reweigh. If you do not know how to calibrate your scales, please feel free to contact me. Will be happy to help.
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