Don't miss all the wonderful old Super Smurfs I have up on eBay right now - some of them are quite hard to find or simply rare! Jump on my Smurfs now before the movie mania starts at the end of this year!

Applause / Schleich - 1980

"Super Smurf"

4.0511 - Smurf Jumping Hurdles (Clear Peg / Short Base Variation) PVC Figurine Made in Hong Kong From My Personal Collection, Packed Away For More Than 20 Years, Never Played With, Like New. Please Read On For More In-Depth Description Below...

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- Further Description and Payment Details -

The item you see below is the exact one you will receive as no stock photos are used. This vintage Smurf is beautiful in its condition. It has never been played with and has been stored away in a Ziploc baggie for over twenty years. I am the original owner. The paint job on this Smurf is great overall, but they could have painted
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