40s Photo McLellans 5 & Dime? Id'd Employees RALEIGH NC

Original vintage, circa 1940s, photo of employees (several id'd around the border the photo is affixed to) from McLellan's, we think the five and dime based on research as indicated below, store. (Some of the girls on the left in the first row look like they're wearing soda fountain outfits and the guy id'd as Mr. Buck Gilbert in the white coat was possibly the pharmacist.) Behind them you can make out some Christmas decorations so this may have been a group photo at an employee Christmas party. In overall VG+ condition as seen in scans. Photo measures 5" x 7", with border/backing about 10" x 6" (The current Mahler and Carolina Trust building in Raleigh was erected in 1876 by Henry Mahler to house his jewelry store; a one-story addition was made to the rear of the building around 1914. The jewelry business remained in this location until 1932, when the store closed and McLellan’s Five and Dime purchased the building and expanded its existing store, in the Carolina Trust Building, into the Mahler Building . The retail spaces became part of the dime store at that time and the upstairs offices became stock rooms. The storefronts of both buildings were remodeled around 1932 and again in 1971, at which time an architectural screen was also installed, covering the upper stories of both the Mahler and Carolina Trust Buildings. McCrory’
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