Rare 40s Yo-Yo Pom-Pom Rare Fabric Advertisement Mix Colors+ Patterns Quilt

For this auction I have a Handmade 92" x 92" Yo-Yo / Pom--Pom Quilt from the 40s era, with some very odd & rare advertisement on fabric pieces, never heard of some of them such as Quick Quck Goats ( I thought it was quick quaker oats ) Wiggle"s Ticklemint Chewing Gum tickle your teeth as you chew ( thought it said wrigley spearmint gum) didn't really notice or see these patterns untill I did my listing pictures. also there are lots & lots of flowers, stripes, plaids, some trains, mickey mouse, all kinds of patterns, very good mixture of bright colors, pictures 3-4-5-6 showing back & front of a finished yo-yos.

I can not imagine the time and work involved in hand sewing these little circle & putting them all together. In near mint condition has not been sewn onto a quilt bottom or a liner, can use different colors of flat sheets under for a liner. I took my pictures with this laying across my queen size bed it hangs over about 8" on both side for an ideal on a bed size. Quilt has never been used, no odor or tears its a real nice yo-yo quilt with a low staring price. Any questions or need to view other photos please email.