40th Founding Of Pythianism In The West Omaha NE Nov. 23rd 1908 Button Nebraska

40 th Founding Of Pythianism In The West Omaha NE Nov. 23 rd 1908 Button

This is a button of the 40 th Anniversary of the founding of Pythianism in the West held in Omaha in 1908. There are two blue, gold, and red ribbons and the button with a knight’s head reads: “F C B - 40 th Anniversary Of The Founding Of Pythianism In The West – Omaha , Nov. 23 rd , 1908.” The ribbons are approximately 3 1/4” long and the button diameter 1 1/4”. The ribbons show some wear and fraying and the button is complete with no cracks. Made by Hyatt Mfg. Co. Baltimore, MD. I've never seen that button manufacturer before. See pictures.


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