41-42 SUPER Gene Krupa-Radio King 6.5 snare

An Absolutely GORGEOUS 6.5 Radio King, Chrome,16 lug that I bought from the original owner who bought it brand new in early 1942. This is the very first model Super GK Radio King ! It is complete and near mint (including the ball-end T/O extension rod), nearly flawless rims/hardware and, though yellowed a bit, beautiful wrap and perfect early badge. A somewhat rare size for this era snare. Screw type snare gates and "SLINGERLAND" stamp on both T/O arm "clam" and snares. Also has the original heads on it (batter complete with assorted fingernail polish cigarette burn repairs. Snare head, however, has split at bearing edge). I will state up front that I truly do not want to sell this but have to. This snare is just as its first owner left it after joining the War effort in the mid 40's. He was studying with Sanford Moeller and a good friend of Gene's (who, on request, picked out a complete set of Zildians for him too!). Yes, there is a reserve because I just can't leave this to the "parting-out" wolves. It needs to stay as it is and go to someone who will value it almost as much as I do but who is not relying on the music BIZ to make a living! I also do have a photo of him playing this (and the matching set) but it is buried somewhere back in the drum rooms.If interested, I will continue to try to dig it out. Payment MUST be received ... read more