41 In touch Ministries ~ Sermon on cd ~ Charles Stanley

This is a huge lot of his cds . Sermons on cd
1. Sacrificing your future for the pleasure of present
some writing on the back of the envelope
2. How to stay young and fruitful all your life
3. Confusing Conflict
4. The convictions we live by
5. Gods master plan for finances
6. A nation in need of prayer
7.The high calling of servant hood
8. The lord our Shepard
9. Are you Angry?
10.Letting go of anger Part 2 The consequences of anger
11.What do you believe? Does it matter?
12. The impact of a Godly parent
13. A life Changing prayer
14. Dealing with false teachers
15. Countdown to judgment part 2 The judge and the Judgment
16. Countdown to judgment part one our predestine appointment
17. Letting go of Anger part 3 How to handle anger
18.God's Viewing about money
19. The name above every name
20. Our hearts desire
21. A heart for god
22. In step wit god part 2 what to expect
23. In step with god part 3 Through time of trial
24. In step with god part 4 Getting out of step
25. When others fail us
26. Training our children
27. The precious blood of Jesus
28. Comfort from the empty tomb
29.Our basic belief system
30. Responding to temptation wisely
31. Confidence in troubled times
32. Walking away from
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