42 inch GYRO 8005 Metal 3.5-Channel RC Helicopter 42

NEW VERSION BIG 42-inch Helicopter ( With built in GYRO )

This helicopter is build with a inner gyro with the functions of dual rate and head lock, which designed for helicopters specially. Gyro version adopts AVCS ( Angular Vector Control System ), which makes the function of head lock more outstanding and steady. AVCS system: Since rudder trim changes caused by wind and other meterological changes, and varieties of helicopter attiude changes are automatically cancelled, tail rudder operation becomes easy, making it perfect for 3D flight.

-Intelligent R/C System -Full Scale Remote Control -360' Precise Directional Movement -Smooth Hovering Performance -Long Battery Life Upgrade METAL Airframe


POWERED BY 2x 380 MOTORS WITH A 3RD MOTOR IN THE TAIL ROTOR READY TO FLY , Easy Control , Easy To Fly 3.5-Channel GYRO VERSION ( forward / backward / up / down / left / right) Completely stable in flight. Proportional control system. Excellent flight either indoors or outdoors. Color: Red or Blue


Length : 1070mm Height: 400mm Main rotor length: 520 mm Battery: 11.1v Lithium Battery Battery for controller: 8 "AA" batteries Control Specification: forward / backward / up / down / left / right

Package Content

100% Brand New 1 x 42-inch 3.5-Channel RC METAL Helicopter
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