42 pcs Lionel "Super O" Track (12S+24C+1/2's)

This 50 year old Lionel "Super O" track is in good operating condition and being sold very inexpensively. Bus bars (30 pcs) and the Rudley's are included only if the auction sells for $90 or more. Note that t are 12 of "harder to find" straights . Tops of rails shine......... Included are "Lionel "Super O" Operating Instructions which are invaluable if you are just getting back into "Super O". Due to the large amount of Super "O" I sell the track pictured is representative of sections you will receive. Check feedback (all positive) for quality verification of what you will be receiving:

2 pcs #33 1/2 Curve 2 pcs #34 1/2 straight 12 pieces #32 straight 24 pieces of #31 curve (12 pieces = circle) 30 pcs bus bar included ONLY if the auction sells for $90 or more 1 pair #61 (Ground) + #62 (Power Lockon) - Connect wires from track to transformer 1 pc 90 or 60 degree crossover (my choice) 'The Story of Lionel Super "O" Track' How To Assemble Lionel "Super O" Track pamphlet Rudley's Lionel Super "O" Layout Booklet ONLY if the auction sells for $90.00 or more

All track has 2 pins in each end. BE ALERT when purchasing "Super O" track and ask the following questions of the seller:

A) Any track pins broken off in the rail?

B) Does each section have 2 track pins?

C) Ar e all sections usable?

It pays
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