2.43 Inch CHUBUTENSIS Fossil Shark Tooth Teeth 1.3 oz - STERLING SILVER PENDANT!

Up for sale is a 2.437 i nch Carcharocles CHUBUBTENSIS shark tooth CUSTOM STERLING SILVER PENDANT made with an Antique Sterling Silver Fork. The Pendant weighs in at 1.3 Ounces . The short edge of the tooth is 2.263 inches and the width is 1.953 inches. My Jeweler "Lia" made this and specializes in making jewelry from antique forks. It is 100% UNIQUE!!! The workmanship is superb!!! The photo of the back of the tooth shows how it is a fork that has been manipulated into a setting for the tooth ("Lia" signed the back too, although the flash of the camera, obscures her signature with date). Being a piece of jewelry, she buffs the tooth and silver to a high gloss finish.

This tooth was recovered by deep sea divers off the coast of the Carolinas. The divers recover the teeth by going very far off shore and diving in over a 100 feet of water. These deep sea explorers routinely encounter large sharks (Bulls, Hammerheads, Makos, Etc.), giant sting ray and other notorious ocean perils; all in their quest to recover a piece of history.

This tooth is a guaranteed authentic fossil - 100% guaranteed! There have been no fillers, no colors added, no repairs and no restoration to this tooth.

Disclaimer: All pictures have been taken by me. I am not a professional photographer. I go out of my way to take detailed photographs. I
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