43- Washington Quarters 1932-1964 D (90% Silver)

Up for auction are 43 Washington Quarters (90% Silver). They are as follows: 1932, 1934, 1934D, 1935, 1935D, 1935S, 1936, 1936S, 1937, 1937D, 1938, 1938S, 1939, 1939D, 1940, 2-1940's, 1941, 1941D, 1941S, 1942, 1942D, 1942S, 1943, 1943D, 1943S, 1944, 1944D, 1944S, 1945, 1945D, 1945S, 1951S, 1953D, 1953S, 1955, 1958D, 1959D, 1961D, 1962D, 1964 and 2-1964D's.

I will have coin auctions every Tuesday and Friday nights starting at 5:00p PST so check back often! Please email me with any questions and thanks for looking!

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I pack all of my coins in padded envelopes! Also, some of my coins have been stored in plastic or mylar inserts for years. When I pull them out to take pictures they feel a little gummy or sticky. Maybe from the plastic? Anyway, I do NOT clean any of my coins, I'll leave that up to the new buyer :)

Please email me with any problems. I aim to please and I'm very proud of my 100% positive feedback with eBay- Thanks so much! Jana