44.4g Gold Bar Melted Drop Scrap Plated Computer Pins Gold Recovery Ceramic CPU

Please Read:
Thank you for your interest in my auction.
This auction is for a Melted Drop from Gold PLATED computer pins.
Each piece melted was acid tested for at least 1 8k gold PLATING before it was added to the melt.
This drop contains ALL the metal from the pins , not just the plating.
THIS IS AN EXAMPLE . If there w as a 24 g drop that was 14k gold, out of that 24g, 14g would be 24k gold. With gold being over 50$ per gram, that would make the drop worth hundreds.
If it were 10k, that would be 10g of 24k. Again, worth hundreds. END OF EXAMPLE .
This drop is NOT solid gold.
This drop will NOT test positive for gold using conventional acid testing.
Th e karat of this drop is unk nown b ut it does contain Gold.
I do accept returns u p to 14 days after original purchase date. Please contact me if you have any issues/concerns about returns.
Please ask questions bef ore you bid on this item. I do not mind answering questions.
Only paypal is accepted. I do not ship out side of the US.
Again, thanks for your interest in my listing.