44 Pounds Assorted Lego's

I am offering what is left of my sons Lego's. There is exactly 44 pounds 20 ounces of them. My daughter and I sat down and went through all of them and took out anything that we could find that was not a lego. You might find a stray Tyco but we did our very best to remove anything that was not Lego. It took me 10 hours total to go through them and I must say I will be glad to see them go. In doing so, I have seen dinasour heads, boats, fire trucks, planes, people, ninja turtles, Star Wars, castles, there is a crane station, as you can see in the picture, you name it. I am not a expert by any means. So with that being said, I am selling them all as a whopping 44 pound lot or assortments to do whatever you desire.