45-135 Degree Full-length Crossover Improved – American Flyer Style

Offered for auction (from a new 2013 batch) is an improved 45º-135º full-length crossover in black for American Flyer S gauge trains. This is not an original American Flyer crossover, nor is it a reproduction of any known Gilbert accessory. This is trademarked TM AFF.

This improved 45º-135º crossover is a second version of this crossover that I made and sold a few years ago. Because of comments about the long dead spot on the earlier version, I spent over a year to make this new design with an electrified rail in the center section.

This crossover is intended to generally look like what Gilbert would have made if it had ever done so. It is made using black resin (picture 2). I made it with raised ties and track guides just like the original crossover. The center “frog” is basically the same design as the Gilbert original but instead of 90º it is angled at 45º and 135º and it has the hot rail inserted along each side. This crossover is full-length because each “leg” is 10 inches long, just like the original crossover and the original straight track. I also have made shorter versions. There are two additional significant differences from the original: the track is held by crimped copper wire rather than the flat steel hold-downs; and I did not drill holes for screwing or nailing to the table. You can see in the picture
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