45.6 Gold Bar Melted Drop Scrap Plated Computer Pins Gold Recovery Ceramic CPU

Read Entire Listing BEFORE Bidding.
The purpose for this drop is for refining. If you are planning on taking it to a jeweler to sell, you are wasting your money. They will not buy it.
Continue reading why.
This item is NOT PLATED. It is NOT solid gold. But it does contain gold.
This drop is made from gold plated computer pins. The pins are tested, weighed, then melted in a furnace. I then clean and polish the drop. The drop contains the gold plating from the pins and all the base metals along with it. No refining has been done.
Each batch of pins melted was acid tested for at least 1 8 k gold PLATING before it was added to the melt.
This drop is NOT solid gold.
Th e karat of this drop is unk nown b u t it does contain Gold.
I do accept returns u p to 14 days after original purchase date. Please CONTACT ME FIRST if you have any issues/concerns about returns.
If you are wanting to return the item because you believe that I did a poor job plating the drop, read the above statements, and read the entire description carefully. They are NOT plated.
If you have a problem with the product sent to you, please, message me. I can refund you a lot faster than Ebay will.
Please ask questions BEFORE you bid on this item, NOT after you win the auction. I do not mind answering questions.
Do NOT assume
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