45 min Table Top Or Hang Brass Sand Timer Hourglass

45 Minute Brass Glass Sand Timer Hourglass Easily Remove Hanger To Use On Table Desk Shelf
This item is a new in the box reproduction bright brass and blown glass hourglass crafted in the style of centuries ago. An elegant way to time out 45 minute.

The brown sand gently sifts through the timer, giving it a much more peaceful, artistic look than the modern digital contrivances of contemporary living. Add this item to your , nautical, kitchen, office or den decoration, hourglass collection, or give as an appreciated gift today!

For those that like to change color of the sand, it is refilable, easily done, we do not make guarantees about replacing sand as t or those that don't even dry, or sift their sand.

This unique item measures approximately ( 13 1/2 with hanger extended ) 11 1/2 inches high and 5 1/4 inches wide.


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