45 pc Wm Rogers Reinforced Silver Plate AA 1950's

45 piece set of Vintage 1950's Wm Rogers Silver Reinforced Plate AA IS FLATWARE.

T is quite a collection of Silver Flatware. You are bidding on 8 Knives which do say Stainless including the 1 Large Knife. T are 5 Large Forks and 8 Salad or Dessert Forks. T are many Spoons 16 small Spoons and 4 Large Spoons. Beside the one Large Knife, t's 1 Large Spoon, 1 Sugar Spoon and 1 Butter Knife all totally 45 pieces.

The fancy design at the bottom of each piece look like little flowers on both sides. T's one in the middle and then a smaller on on each side.

This set was my Grandmothers who lived to be almost 101 and all pieces do show due to age mostly. She had tried to clean the flatware and not sure what she used as some pieces look tarnished and some even scratched like the back of the butter knife. Each piece does have on the back WM Rogers Reinforced Plate with AA and IS except for the knives that just have Stainless on them. Sorry they are not in better condition and not sure if they can be cleaned properly but just time to get them a proper home.

We will ship very carefully pack and ship for $9.00 to arrive Priority Mail to your home in just 2 to 3 days within USA. If you wish insurance, please add $1.65 and Tracking .65 cents. We will happily quote International shipping by email. We ship after
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