45 Silver Coins 12.3 Oz's,1800-1900's, VG-Proof/Nice!

Coin Description

T are a total of 45 silver world coins in this collection and together they weigh 12.3 ounces of silver. The condition of the coins ranges from proof, to gem brilliant uncirculated to very good. This is a very nice looking collection that is unique with lots of rare coins. For example, the 1980 Cayman Islands Fifty Cents is not only in proof condition but is also deep cameo (raised images on the coin have a frosted look)! Proof means that the planchette used to stamp the coin was a special highly polished silver; tfore, if you were a spy and you wanted to see if someone was following you, all you would have to do is raise your proof coin to eye level, look in the field part of the coin (the plain part with no writing or images) and use it as a mirror to see if someone was behind you! Why, yes you could! James Bond doesn't have anything on the clever numismatist, parrum pum! The huge (.900 Silver, 26.95 grams) and very rare 1900 British Trade Dollar is in very fine condition complete with a very cool looking "chop mark'" on the reverse. It features Britannia in a protective and majestic pose. The Brits minted these trade dollars specifically for use in the Asian trade markets in an effort to provide a more standardized form of currency. The chop mark was used for various reasons, one of which was to verify
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