450 Anheuser-Busch BEER COASTERS-SUPER Lot!! MINT!

This 450 pc. Anheuser-Busch BEER COASTER Lot includes 10 each of the following 45 styles:

AMBER BOCK Dark Lager. AMBER BOCK Rich & Smooth. BACARDI SILVER O3-"Your Night Just Got More Interesting." BARE KNUCKLE Stout. BARE KNUCKLE Stout-"Smooth And Creamy". BUD LIGHT Rainbow. BUD LIGHT-"Be Yourself". (oval-shaped) BUD LIGHT-"Colder Longer". BUD LIGHT Draught-"It's refrigerated..." BUD LIGHT-"Fresh New Look. It's All Here." BUD LIGHT- "True Music". BUDWEISER-"Celebrating 5 O'Clock Around The World". BUDWEISER Crown. BUDWEISER-"A Designated Driver. Make It Standard." BUDWEISER Draught-"It's refrigerated...." BUDWEISER-"Fresh Beer Tastes Better". BUDWEISER "King of Beers". BUDWEISER Bow-tie "King of Beers". BUDWEISER Racing/Dale, Jr. 8-"Official Beer NASCAR." BUDWEISER-"Responsibility Matters". BUDWEISER Bow-tie "Responsibility Matters". BUDWEISER Bow-tie "This Is Music...This Is Beer." BUDWEISER-"The Great American Lager" (not shown in photo, however, is included with this lot) BUDWEISER-"Wanna Get Fresh?" BUDWEISER-"We All Make A Difference". BUDWEISER SELECT Crown. BUSCH/BUSCH LIGHT. DOC'S HARD LEMON (lemon-shaped) MICHELOB Draught-"It's refrigerated from barrel to bar glass...." MICHELOB Lager. MICHELOB LIGHT-"A Pleasant Surprise". MICHELOB LIGHT Beer. MICHELOB LIGHT Draught-"It's refrigerated...." MICHELOB LIGHT/ULTRA-"
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