45rpm PROMO DJ 50s 60s ROCK POP RECORD LOT jukebox

Please read the section at the bottom about feedback. Insurance included in shipping cost.

All of my auctions start and end on Monday nights (unless I goof), and anyone who pays within 30-ish hours will have their packages shipped Wednesday morning (unless I goof). Anything paid after that will go out as soon as I get the chance, depending upon when I get the payment, my work schedule, etc. With gas prices rising special trips to the post office cost me more and take time away from other things.
Because of a recent incident I feel I should state the obvious: If it isn't pictured, mentioned in the auction, or alluded to in ANY way, don't expect to receive it. This seems ridiculous to have to say, but I got a negative for not throwing in a bunch of extra stuff, lol. No I'm not kidding...
This is a lot of 30 promotional dj 45 rpm records , there are some pretty cool ones in this lot. They vary in dates from the 1950's & 60's. Some of these are in great condition, some are pretty worn and have various condition issues, but all play on my player. Some perfectly, others with noise, but no skipping, etc. All are in paper sleeves of some sort. Please ask if you need particular details!
Artists and record label include:
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