46 Sci-Fi Lego Kits! 17 Star Wars Kits! Life on Mars!

You are bidding on a massive lot of 46 LEGO kits! The 46 kits consists of 17 Star Wars kits, 8 Life on Mars kits, and 21 other kits like Bionicle, Knights Kingdom (Castle series), Arctic & Alpha Team series, even a Ninja Fire Fortress! All the kits were purchased in the late 90's and early 2000's and were very well taken care of. They were originally assembled and then put on shelves for display. During a move a few years ago, they were all partially disassembled and placed in a storage tub and have been in a closet since. Here's a list of all the kits included in this lot listed by their Kit Number, followed by the number of pieces in each kit. Also, please note that each and every single kit includes its original instruction booklet/assembly manual!
Star Wars:
7103: Jedi Duel -82 pieces
7113: Tusken Raider Encounter -93
7119: Twin-Pod Cloud Car -118
7127: Imperial AT-ST -107
7128: Speeder Bikes -93
7130: Snowspeeder -215
7134: A-wing Fighter -125
7140: X-wing Fighter -266
7143: Jedi Starfighter -139
7144: Slave I -166
7146: TIE Fighter -171
7150: TIE Fighter & Y-wing -409
7151: Sith Infiltrator -244
7155: Trade Federation AAT -158
7166: Imperial Shuttle -238
7180: B-wing at Rebel Control Center -338
7184: Trade Federation MTT -470
Arctic Series:
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