46 Vintage Foreign Coins, All Contain Silver, 7+ Ounces

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NOTE: The Age, Size and Condition are noted just after the description. Please be sure to check the bottom of the listing for any additions to the description.
Item: I bought a bunch of foreign coins recently, and there were quite a few that have Silver in them. I did some research on the internet and found a site that listed the amount of silver that is supposed to be in each one, and I am offering them all here as one lot. The pic above is just an example, the additional pics below will show all of the coins that you will receive. I have weighed each group on a digital scale and will give the gram weight for each lot, and based on the percentage of silver in the coins, I will also give the amount of silver in grams.
NOTE: The first group is actually marked with the silver content, the rest of the coins I have looked up on a web site that stated the amount of silver in each one, but I have no other reference to confirm these numbers, so please look at the photos and descriptions and decide for yourself before bidding since this lot is offered “As Is” with no returns. I have presented these based on the only information I have, and I cannot offer a return if that information is incorrect. Please do your own research and bid accordingly.
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