RARE - No 47 Crayola - School Crayons - Crayons Binney & Smith - Vintage School

Vintage - No. 47 Crayola School Crayons - Permanent, Waterproof

Manufactured by Binney & Smith Co.

24 assorted colors

Great old box of Crayola crayons! - Very eary.

Condition - Used. A child has enjoyed using these crayons in the past. There are 23 crayons of various sizes since they have been used. There are 2 tiny pieces of crayons.

These crayons are very thin, each has a paper wrapper with the inscription: Trademark Crayola, for studio and school use, Binney & Smith Co., New York.

Box is showing it's age, corners are ragged, but box is still strong. Features description on one side, and school girl on the other side. Crayons are on a slide out tray. Box measures 4" x 6 3/4".

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