47 Knifes a Knife Lot Hunting/Pocket Knifes/LOOK

Up for Auction is 47 Knifes a Knife Lot some have something wrong with them some don't I have tried to describe them the best I can please stay with me T are hunting knifes and pocket knifes. First the Hunting Knife at top

Schrade USA 497 8 ¾ inches overall with the blade being 4 ½ inches it has duck tape on the handle. No Sheath

the next is ? GW on the tang 9 ½ Inches overall the blade is 4 7/8 inches with both a ring at the end of the handle and the tip has been broken I would say 1/8 to ¼ inch is missing. It has a can opener near the tang and a rough area on the top of the Blade. This has some of the rings on the handle missing, still a cool old knife.This on also has no Sheath.

The Next 2 are the first says stainless USA with a Plastic sheath and handle Has the original factory edge with no sharpning marks, like a filie knife it is 11 Inches overall with the blade being 6 inches.nice knife.

The next say Original Bowie Knife stainless China, 10 1/8 inchs long with the Blade being 6 ¼ inches. it has a buffalo scene on the blade, fake leather sheath.

Going left to right starting with the top row

Row 1

A 2 Blade imperial USA down the side All good on this knife.

The next a 2 Blade The Ideal blade kind of hard to get out, Handle good.

The next is a United Cutlery Company

The next is a camco three blade Pocket knife the main blade is Broken, but the other 2 are good this is an advertising knife it says "We appreciate you" Intermtn. Specity supplies.Handle is good.

3 Blade Kutmaster Utica NY USA. Blades and handle in good cond. may be bone handle all rivets are in place

Imperial Prov. R.I. this is a scout knife with a metal insignia of the boy scouts, every thing works good the handle and blades are good.

Imperial USA all t and works t is some rust but everthing works the handle has "Matterhorn" on it. T are 7 things on this knife. From corkscrew to Main Blade.

stainless Japan 5 blade from sissors to Main Blade all work & In good shape.

Row 2

4 Blade Colonial USA on Main Blade kind of like a scout knife it says "Forest Master" on the side handle all is good with this knife.

This 3 Blade knife has "Heinr. Boker & Co. Buamivery Solingen Germany Alemania" BUT on the other side of the tang it says "Coast Cutlery Co. Portland Oreg. This knife has a broken handle on each side and the main Blade is broken about half way down. The other 2 blades are good.

A 2 Blade "Hammer Brand" Knife all is good with this knife.

3 Blade Case in a circle it says "Case XX Tested" All the blades are t and in Tack BUT This knife is in bad shape one side of the handle is gone and the other has been cut up. 2 of the blades are loose.

A 2 Blade Imperial this knide is in faily good shape with 3 Pat Numbers 2284833, 2689400, and 2479855,, Has Blue colored handle and everything is tight handle and blades.

A 2 Blade The Ideal, all is good with this knife.

Finger nail knife from sissors to main blade all is good.

just says stainless I believe japan Very bad shape.

a Fishing knife "Sea Beast" In a half circle it says "Western states Boulder Colo. This knife has a Main Blade W/Can opener and a scaller both blades are tight but one side of the handle if half broken off. Old knife.

Row 3

A 1 Blade fruit knide in not very good shape half a blade and hard to get out maybe silver no markings

A 2 Blade Stainless China Knife good shape.

A 2 Blade Schrade NY USA Not very good snap but all is tight the handle and blades all t

A 2 Blade Main Blade & finger nail file knife Mother of pearl Handle I believe One small crack between end of handle and rivet

A 2 Blade imperial with the main blade missing.

2 Blade H. Boker & Cos. Improved cutlery Tree brand both blades the main blade all good the second blade broken off but was resharpened bone or wood handle one side has a brake at an angle 1" long to ½ inch tall the Main Blade says King Cutter.

! Blade Gold colored "Hit" Knife ...

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