1/48 F/A-18D Hornet (Built)

Finely built two seat "D" Hornet from the Vikings
I will pack the model as securely as possible using proven method and material but in the end it is still subject to potential "rough" handling by USPS so I can not guarantee that it won't be damaged during shipment. Therefore I will not be liable for any damages and I do not accept returns. I will however insure the package. Parts MAY become detached during delivery and have to be glued back into place by the buyer.
DISCLAIMER: I received 2 very negative feedbacks in a span of 3 days on two models I shipped off to the same buyer. Buyer (texas_patriot) insisted that I packed the 2nd model poorly which resulted in a very damaged model. But he did not send any photos to substantiate the claim when I asked for it. Instead the buyer immediately registered a damaging and unsubstantiated negative feedback. After confronting him it became apparent that the model was never damaged and he was simply trying to pull some kind of a refund scam. Things got very heated after that which eventually led to him filing a 2nd negative feedback for the 1st item. Oddly enough that 1st item was shipped off and delivered to him a month before, and only then was he filing a bad feedback on it. It was obviously a vindictive action on his part when I told him I reported him to eBay. Bottom line #1:
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