1/48 Eduard BAC Lightning Mk.1A/Mk.2 (1134)

Limited edition kit featuring crisprecessed panel lines, well appointed cockpit, detailed wheel wells andundercarriage, separate flaps, intake trunking and exhaust pipes, multi-part canopy, optional position speed brakes and air-to-air missiles (choice of 2 each De Havilland Firestreaks or Hawker Siddeley Red Tops). Also includes canopy/wheel mask, extensive photo-etch parts (cockpit and exterior details plus color instrument panels, consoles and seatbelts) and resin parts (ejection seat and radar screen hood). Plastic is ex-Airfix mold. Decals and color painting guide for 4 RAF aircraft: Mk.IA XM184, No 111 Squadron, 1962; Mk.1A XM172/B, No 56 Squadron, Firebirds Aerobatic team, 1963; Mk.2 XN786/D, No 92 Squadron, Gütesloh and Mk.2 XN794/WW, No 19 Squadron, Gütesloh - includes full stencils.
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