[4x] Celestial Colonnade PROMO FOIL [x4] MTG SP/NM

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NM: Essentially pack fresh, may show minimal to no wear from play or shuffling. Most imperfections, if any, are not noticeable unless under close inspection. NM foils should be the same but also should not have any clouding.
SP/NM: Cards in SP/NM condition will show minimal wear although it is not typically noticeable unless under close inspection. Normally cards that fall into this category have a small defect affecting one side or small edge wear on a few sides.
Slight Play or SP: Cards in SP condition will show definite, yet minor, wear. Cards may also have minor scratches or edge wear from shuffling, althought there is no fading or bends or creases in this category. Cards may or may not require a sleeve in a sanctioned tournament. Foils in this category
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