4x Force of Will - ALLIANCES - NM/MINT

You will receive: 4x Force of Will - Alliances - NM/MINT
Pictures are of cards you will receive. Please ask if you have any questions regarding the condition of these cards.
PAYPAL only. Please pay within 48 hours unless you contact me first.
Cards will be sleeved and in top-loaders. I will ship items in a bubble mailer within 24 hours of payment.
Tracking will be provided on all orders.
I can not offer International shipping, please forgive me.
Card Condition Guide
GoodGames MN currently sells cards in three different conditions: Near Mint/Mint, Lightly Played, and Played. If you have any questions regarding these grades, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions or hear any suggestions for improvement to this guide.
Near Mint/Mint
A Near Mint/Mint card shows little to no wear from shuffling or play. A card in this condition can exhibit the following: very slight play wear, the slightest fraying on one or two edges, a minor printing imperfection, and/or slightly discolored borders. A Near Mint/Mint card will generally be indistinguishable from the back in an unsleeved deck from other cards in the same condition.
Lightly Played
A card in lightly Played condition shows minor wear from shuffling or play. It may have mild border or corner wear, minor bending,
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