4X Glimmervoid - Modern Masters (NM/M) MTG Magic Card

4X Glimmervoid - Modern Masters (NM/M) MTG Magic Card The Condition, Language, Edition and Quantity of the item you are watching are exactly as mentioned on the Title of the listing! Condition: Most of the cards are in SP condition unless otherwise stated on the Title of the listing. But remember, the cards are made to be played with!

NM/M - NEAR MINT/MINT - Show minimal to NO wear from shuffling or general play. SP - SLIGHTLY PLAYED - Show minor play wear and minor marks, cards in this grade include cards with border wear, minor corner wear, minor binder bending. Signed cards by the artist or Richard Garfield, or bearing a pro tour stamp, are graded as Slightly Played condition, otherwise they would be Near Mint or Slightly Played. Foils in this condition will generally have some clouding or wear on the front of the card. Sleeves may or may not be needed to play these cards in a tournament. MP - MODERATELY PLAYED - Show moderate wear, but are still legal for tournament play if sleeved. Cards in this grading will show Moderately play wears, Moderate Bents in the corners and on the sides of the card, inking along the borders. HP - HEAVILY PLAYED - Cards in Heavily Played condition show extreme wear, and may not be legal for tournament play, even in a sleeve. These cards are in the worst condition you can imagine. We do occasionally
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