4x Windbrisk Heights x4 - Lorwyn- MTG - FREE SHIPPING

Allmy listings will be ended early Sunday, July 5 at around 7PM EST, so please get in ahead of time if you wish to purchase, thanks.

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4x Windbrisk Heights
M-, NM+, M-, M-
I grade these cards in the context of my personal collection. I'm not out to get you, and would like to think that you can rely on these as reasonably conservative condition evaluations, but I'm also not perfect.
Pictures are of the actual cards you will be getting.


I am decent at responding to questions promptly.

I am clearing out my binder so take a look at some of my other stuff that I will be putting up gradually, all Buy-It-Now, no waiting for auctions to end - so if you want or need the card now, it's yours . I'll be putting up multiple copies of cards like Tolarian Academy, Garruk, Tarmogoyf, Mox Diamond, etc.

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1 - I’m not responsible for wrong or undeliverable addresses. I will use the address Paypal gives me.

2 - Shipping is in a toploader and a regular envelope via first class USPS.

3 - Bubble envelopes add $2.00.

4 - Shipping insurance is optional at an additional $4.00. This amount INCLUDES a bubble envelope, so choose the previous ONLY if you
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