4x5 Graphic View Camera Graflex Monorail Camera w/ accessories & manuals

Camera was inherited from the original owner. Seller is not a vintage camera expert and is not entirely sure that all the accessories go with this camera. Camera has been in storage for many years and may require professional cleaning. Mechanical parts and bellows appear to be in good condition.
The camera comes with the following lens and accessories:
- Kodak Ektar len 7 1/2 " f:4.5 EI619 with Ilex Synchro Shutter (picture #8). The lens was inspected in bright sunlight and 6 to 7 very small spots of fungus or dust were observed. Lens comes with original case and manual.
- Cooke telephoto 15" 380m f/5.6 The lens was inspected in bright sunlight and had approximately 25% of the surface covered in fungus.
- Original metal carrying case with key
- "23" 4x5 Grpahic Roll Film Holder in original box
- Graphic View Manual, technique Booklet, and 1955 warranty service card
- Filters and other accessories as seen in picture #1
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