4 5/16 Angustidens Angustiden Shark Tooth Megalodon

HUGE Angustidens / Angustiden Fossil Shark Tooth
No. 238
This massive Angustidens tooth measure 4 5/16" on the slant, over 3" across the root and is well over an inch thick!
Simply the largest Angustidens in this condition I have ever seen. Truly a rare find.
Light blueish-gray colored enamel and light brown root add to the tooth's beauty.
Great enamel and root with both side cusps and serrations. Some natural feeding wear on the tip.
Don't miss this opportunity to add a HUGE Angustidens specimen to your collection.
This tooth is as big as many Megalodon teeth, but the vast majority of Angustidens sold are in the 1 to 3" range.
Angustidens is another mega-shark species which predates Megalodon and dates to the Oligocene Epoch.
I have taken detailed pictures from several angles so that you can .
I cleaned the tooth, but there is absolutely no restoration, repair, etc. done to this tooth.

This tooth was found in the Charleston area ( I will tell the winner which river the tooth was found in if they ask ).

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