5 Authentic FBI Patches Civil Aviation Security Program

I am selling a lot of 5 identical, new, CASP patches for $35 starting price, free shipping, for this auction only.

This is an ABSOLUTELY AUTHENTIC FBI patch; new condition that came DIRECTLY from FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C. It is from the FBI Civil Aviation Security Program (CASP) located at FBIHQ in Washington, D.C. CASP is part of the newly formed FBI unit, Transportation Security Unit (TSU). G-Man Emblems did a great job! The CASP Program supports the Special Agents who are Airport Liaison Agents (ALA) responding to criminal and terrorist-related incidents at our country's airports. The patch is brand new and has the G-Man Emblem sticker on the back of the patch, which measures roughly 3 7/8 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. This unique size makes the globe appear like it is "popping off the patch" and seems to add movement to the plane. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Thank you. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

See my other auction for the New FBI Unit patch that CASP is part of. Great colors and quality. This unit is the Transportation Security Unit (TSU).