5 Buck Brothers Cast Steel Beveled Edge Wood Chisels

This auction is for the following 5 Buck Brothers Cast Steel Chisels in great shape. All have beveled edges and all except the smallest are marked "Buck Brothers Cast Steel" with the antlered buck logo. The smallest is just marked "Buck Brothers". The only unusual thing is that the marking on the 1" chisel, third up from the bottom, is upside down compared to the others. The other odd thing about this chisel is that it actually measures .967 inch which, by my calculator, doesn't seem to make any sense in metric or inch measure. From bottom of photo to top: 1 1/2 INCH CHISEL, 7 3/4 inches long, no handle, socket in factory condition, some very small nicks in edge, 1 1/4 INCH CHISEL, overall length 13" with 8 5/8 " of steel, may have original handle with leather (about 1/2") on the butt, 1 INCH CHISEL (actually .967 inch), overall length 8 1/8", no handle, socket in factory condition, no nicks in edge, 7/8 INCH CHISEL, 9 7/8" long, 5 1/4" of steel, looks like the original handle with leather washers (about 3/8") on butt end, 3/8" CHISEL, no handle, 7 1/4 " long, socket in factory condition, small nick in edge. I have found that the cast steel chisels take a great edge and hold it well, they seem much less prone to rust, which is a great advantage w I work. I am happy to take any additional pictures of these tools and send them along. ... read more