5 Cretaceous Crab Carapaces-Notopocorystes dichrous-TX

Hi, folks! Thanks for looking at this auction! I am once again cleaning up space in my fossil room to accommodate my voracious appetite for fossil vertebrae. I am trying to clear out drawers, cabinets and shelves in anticipation of a great Spring and Summer collecting spree. So...I will be offering a large variety of fossils in the upcoming weeks. I will also be offering more of my father's Native American artifact collection and more of his rocks and minerals collection as well. I am not looking to make huge amounts of money off of these things, so the starting bids will be very low. My goals are twofold, the first being to clear up space and the second being to get a little cash for more vertebrae! In all of my auctions the buyer will pay only the actual shipping charges. I am tired of sellers making as much profit off of shipping as they do the items themselves, aren't you?

In this auction I offer 5 cool crab carapaces. These guys were collected be myself recently at a construction site in Irving, Texas. These are crab carapaces of the critter, " Notopocorystes dichrous ". They were collected in Upper Cretaceous aged, Eagle Ford Group, Britton Formation sediments (although I think the yellow ones are from the overlying Arcadia Park Formation). A couple of these are of not so great quality. A couple, however, are pretty
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