5" Gypsum SELENITE DESERT ROSE Balls Cluster - Mexico

Selenite Desert Rose Cluster


5.14" x 4.76" x 3.58"

131mm x 121mm x 91mm


25.7 oz

729 grams



Large cabinet size Selenite Desert Rose cluster from Mexico. This is a large floater piece with no matrix. White frosted Selenite Rose bladed rosette crystals measuring over 5" long and weighing over 1 1/2 lbs. Selenite is a hydrous calcium sulphate, meaning it is composed of oxygen, sulfur, hydrogen, calcium, and water. It is a glassy, well-crystallized form of Gypsum. In dry desert conditions, sand may become trapped inside the crystals as they form. Selenite formations can take on the shape of an hourglass or the familiar "desert rose" shape. This form is also known as sand rose, rose rock, gypsum rose, and gypsum rosette. A great specimen for display and study as well as an interesting conversation piece.

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