5-man C.H.Masland & Sons US Hexagonal Tent M-1950

When I first listed this tent I knew nothing about tents, but with the help of a fellow ebayer, I now have a new appreciation for the tent I am now relisting. This is a 5-man, US Hexagonal Tent Light -Weight M-1950. F.M.R. The outside of the tent is in very good condition, no tears, holes, mouse damage or rot. Stitching is in excellent condition. 1 photo shows detail. The stove hole has no spark marks and cover is held in place with white ties. The lining is not new but in very clean condition. Zippers work very well. This is for the serious hunter/camper. Weight is about 50# with the 20 stakes and pole. Could not find any indication of size but I did measure from the tip of the tent to the bottom while I had it laid out and it measures 11'1" top to bottom. Do not have the room to spread out the tent to give outside dimensions. Hopefully anyone who knows tents will be able to help me figure out the area size. Tent has its own cover with a pocket to hold the pole and stakes; notice 2 stains from either white paint or something else white. T is a little dust markings on the bottom of the cover from sitting on a dusty basement room floor. Both straps are in excellent condition, and the tent has a faint odor of hemp? When I was inspecting I did notice that it looks a little bit faded on one side. I don't know if this is normal or not. ... read more