3.5" oil painted mini classic cloth Hitty doll SueCS

3.5" Oil Painted Classic MINI HITTYby Sue Sizemore

Hi, my name is Sue Sizemore, and this is my latest little 3.5" size Hitty doll, she is made in the classic style, but with painted on underwear, she still has the painted on black boots , white socks and red garters. the photo of her up close has a reflection on her eyes that makes one eye look darker then the other, they are both blue, it is just bad lighting on my camera . Her arms and legs are jointed She is the pattern i designed for my little 3.5" hitty kits coming out. So im selling her, now that she i photographed. She is signed and comes with a description hang tag. Shipping will be FREE iwth inthe U.S and $2.00 (half price) international first class. Both ways she is mailed in a bubble envelope

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