5 Old Jack Knives Bonsa Empire Imperial Colonial Schrad

I got these 5 knives while cleaning out an estate, the smallest is 3" closed, the longest is 3 1/2" closed, from the top to bottom, 1st knife is marked Empire Winstead Ct, the handle looks like Stag? it has 3 blades, part of the 3rd blade is broke off, other than that it's in good condition, 2nd knife is marked Colonial Prov, red plastic handle has come apart a bit on one side, t's 2 blade, the tip of one blade is broke, the 3rd knife is marked Schrade on one side of the blade and the #242 on the other, 2 blade, one blade is broke, green paint on one side of the handle, 4th is a Imperial, 2 blade, the plastic handle is missing on one side, the 5th knife is a Bonsa Solingen Germany, 3 blade, t's a little nick on one blade, the handle is wood or a hard plastic? I did'nt try to clean or oil them, they're just the way they came from the attic. Hope someone can use them. Money back guarantee. $4.00 S&H. Money order or paypal. Thanks for looking.