This auction is for a collection of Vintage Camp Snoopy glasses offered by McDonald's during the early 80's. Believe it or not these glasses are in mint condition. We recently purchased a rather large collection of McDonalds memorabilia. In the collection were about a dozen cases of these glasses still in the original boxes. The boxes didn't looks so hot, but the glasses are in MINT condition. You are bidding on a complete set of 5 glasses that are a product of that find. Included in the lot are the following glasses:

1) Snoopy: " Morning People are hard to Love"

2) Linus: " The struggle for security is no picnic"

3) Charlie Brown: " Rats! Why is having fun always so much work"

4) Snoopy: "Civilization is overrated"

5) Lucy: "T is no excuse for not being properly prepared"

Shipping on this lot will be $9 due to the weight of the package. The package will be shipped via UPS ground from Virginia. I accept cash, check, or money order as forms of Thanks for bidding and good luck!!!!!