5 Photos Stone Prod Dept. NH State Prison ConcordNH1937

Five Original Photos, Stone Prod. Dept., NH State Prison, Concord, NH, 1937 - Four measure 9-7/8" wide x 8" high and one measures approximately 4-5/8" wide x 9-1/8" high - Four site photos have printed in top lefthand margin, NH State Prison, Concord, NH - at righthand margin, Stone Products Dept. (printing not complete and clear on two of the photos). Site photos have typed titles at bottom center margin. #1, Storage Bin With Elevator, shows workers in yard, under uniformed supervision, shows great 1930s pick-up truck and massive machinery; #2, Tramway Terminal, two large buildings with endless beltways, behind rock piles (photo has 2" tear at top center); #3, Discharging Terminal For Crushed Rock, two workers in forefront shed - photo shows the extensive network of beltways and equipment; #4, Quarry And Stone Breaking Plant, And Conveyor To Tramway Elevator, shows beltways and buildings used to transport the stone from quarry to crushing; #5, photo shows man in suit, photo is labeled on back, Warden, Chas. B. Clarke, NH State Prison, Dec. 30, 1937. Condition: Four site photos all have thumb tack holes and imprints in each corner - also all four have slight wrinkling at corners and edges - photo #2, as noted above, has 2" diagonal tear at top center - all four are glossy in slight sepia tone, Warden photo is gray/black and white ... read more