5 Tube Radio Kit, Tube Radio Kit. All American 5

5 Tube Radio kit.

You are looking at a, un-built, 5 Tube radio kit.

This is a do it yourself 'All American Five' super heterodyne radio receiver with five vacuum tubes

This kit has it all.. Parts, the packaging for the parts, such as the tube boxes and wrapping for the knobs . Remember, it is un-built and waiting on someone to put it together. This kit is in great shape for having been stored for so long. The radio has no exact directions, it does, however, come with schematics, basic theory based instructions and an addendum that explains how to use the instructions that are included to complete this radio.
I found this excerpt from a web page about 'All American Five' Radios.
"Afterthoughts, Three Years Later. Much scorn has been heaped on the little AA5 by myself and others but the truth is it's a wonder of design and simplicity. The word is starting to get around and local antique dealers are bringing me their AA5s to put into operating condition. I have had the opportunity to see a great many different radios. The marvel is how well they work considering their construction. T's no such thing as a wiring harness. Wires go every which way, crossing over, twisted around, power next to audio, audio next to RF, power next to RF. Terminal strips are seldom used or used in great moderation. That
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