50+ AAA Points Arkansas Quartz Crystals Mt Ida (572)

T are over 50 AAA (grade 1) points being offered in this auction...some nice pieces so look closely...

All of these pieces were dug by my husband who cleans and takes all the pictures too. They're all from all local area in the Ouachita National Forest. He usually digs once or twice a week and comes home with lots of gorgeous pieces. We have loads of stone!! I try occaisionally to go through them and describe in greater detail the metaphysical properties of the pieces. I will start listing metaphysical crystals in the store soon under a separate subcategory.

These are true Arkansas crystals. Each group is different and offers unique stones. Use them for paperweights, to give as gifts, or to put around your plants. You'll be very surprised at what you receive. Everyone so far has been soooo happy with the groups of rock we've sold to them. We can't get anything else into the box with these. Wow, what a deal!! Lots of wonderful energy. You'll be pleased with these specimens. Please use the quarter as a reference for size. We have lots and lots of crystal, that's why we can offer such a variety in auctions. T's no need for us to keep them all, so it allows us to share our blessings with you!! You won't get a better deal on ebay for this type of crystal, than in one of our auctions!!

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