50 Franklin Mint Great Historic Seals Sterling Silver


Authenticity Guaranteed. Great Investment.

This auction is for an amazing set of 50 Historic United States Silverseals of the States
of the Union, produced by Franklin Mint in September 1979. This is a collection of Official seals from each
of the 50 states re-created in solid Sterling Silver and issued in limited edition. All seals are hand worked
taking about a month to produce each one. They all come mounted on fine parchment board combined
with original works of art depicting each State. There are paragraphs included on each page to explain
the reasons behind the design of that state's seal and other historic information. 46 of the seals are
contained in heavy-duty plastic sleeves bound within an album, the last 4 State seals are loose and not in the plastic protective sleeve. 2 per page (front and back).
This collection comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity from Franklin Mint certified
September 7, 1979. First available in the early 1980s, Silverseals were produced at the
rate of one seal per month, taking several years to complete the entire set.

Size (each seal) approx. 40mm diameter
(except MA, 50mm L x 30mm W)

Content Sterling Silver Weight (each sleeve) *1 sleeve = 2
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