50 Gh/s Bitcoin Miner, Mine At CEX.IO or Any Pool, Antminer S3 S1 KNC ASICMiner

Why is this auction cheaper than the average going rate for mining at some places such as CEX.IO? The answer is because I am selling my hardware, not expensive CEX.IO hardware. I will supply the mining hardware (rather than CEX.IO) and simply have it mine at CEX.IO (or any other place you want).
I know what you are thinking. Why would you want me to supply the hardware, rather than somewhere like CEX.IO? Here are 4 ways it is better for me to supple the hardware:
1) I charge less for the hardware than CEX.IO. Why buy overpriced CEX.IO hardware? The truth is I buy miners in bulk (see my feedback for proof of the 100's of auctions I do a month) and simply sell them to you cheaper than others are willing to. A Gh/s is a Gh/s, no one cares where it comes from. The only thing that matters is the price.
2) The more you buy with CEX.IO, the more expensive the price is. With me, the more you buy the cheaper the price is.
3) I charge less maintenance fees than CEX.IO does. CEX.IO charges $0.105 USD per 1 Gh/s per month (see https://cex.io/maintenance ). I charge slightly less at $0.095 USD per 1 Gh/s per month . In addition, *I do not charge for the first month your miner will mine*. You will mine maintenance free for the first month, whereas CEX.IO will charge you from the first day. In order to pay the maintenance
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