's a great sluice box made by Tee Dee Co. This sluice box is designed for high volume placer mining. The rain has been heavy this year and t's going to be a lot of new gold in the stream gravels. We designed and manufacture this product and we feel that it's one of the best sluices on the market. It's made of aluminum with gold painted steel riffles and heavy ribbed carpet which works like a dream. The dimensions are 50" x 10" wide x 3" tall and at the widest point of the flare it's 18". It weighs approximately 10 pounds. Both sets of riffles are removable and secured by suitcase latches. In the front section right below the flare, we use some super groove material under a short set of riffles so that you can test pan without having to pull your sluice out of the creek. We find this gives you more time digging and less time setting up which will, in the long run, get you more gold. This is one tough sluice box! It retails for $110.00. Please use shipping calculator to determine shipping cost. Thanks for bidding on our mining equipment.